“The last losers, the first winners” - an adage that reflects the American dream. But is there such a thing as a European dream? Are we still confronted with numerous prejudices, which often cause European courage to falter before the realisation of its own ideas, and which, like a mirror image, show the picture in reverse? Do they show us our lives as a different reality?
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I wanted to get to the bottom of these questions and came up with the idea of cutting mirrors in the shape of European countries. All of a sudden I was looking into these mirrors with different eyes. The variety and intricacies of different contours opened up unlimited possibilities to me and with them the door to the beginning of a potential European dream.
The series “European jewellery box” and “Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the fairest land of all?”, as well as “Europe in motion” and “Mirror Germany” (an art project which I have created with photographic artist (
Frank Gerald Hegewald) are all united by the same aim which is close to my heart, that of disseminating a modern and innovative image of Europe through my work.

Design mirrors are available in all countries and sizes. Here are some examples from the series “Europe in motion”. Mirror Germany EU registered design © 2010 Sarka Prusak
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